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Himalayan Salt Cave

Himalayan Salt Cave

A centuries-old European treatment meets our spa-like setting for an all-natural experience that helps visitors breathe easier and feel better. Imagine entering a one-of-a-kind healing room where the floors, walls, ceiling & benches have been created using the healing energies of 10,000 pounds of Himalayan salt bricks, salt sand & finished off with natural alder & poplar wood. As you step into the 5-inch-deep salt sand floor, you will feel all tensions melt away as you relax into the soft healing environment of this peaceful & unique salt cave. As you enter this uniquely designed healing space, the calming energy will envelop you. You will be invited to sit back, relax & breathe in the pure, untreated salt-infused air as your muscles relax & release their tension. Salt cave sessions include treatments called Halo-therapy & Speleotherapy. Halo-Therapy is a healing treatment which involves the distribution of finely ground up pure, untreated pharmaceutical grade Himalayan salt into the air of the micro-climate. This salt is absorbed through the breath & skin as it circulates around you through the air during your session. Speleotherapy is also known as cave therapy, where it is the energies of the micro-climate itself that are the treatment. Benefits of both include improvement in general respiratory health, enhancement of lung capacity, reducing of stress, improving of sleep patterns, boosting of the immune system, & much more.


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