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Becoming a Host

Unlock the potential of your property by joining Scouter, a vibrant marketplace where photographers and filmmakers find their perfect shooting locations. Whether you own a quaint café, a sleek office space, or a picturesque backyard, Scouter makes it effortless to transform your property into a sought-after destination for creative projects.

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Why Choose Scouter

1. Turn your property into income

Use your property to increase revenue or income in a unique way by collaborating with photographers and filmmakers for their upcoming shoots!

2. Create your listings for free

There is absolutely no fee for listing as many locations on Scouter as you'd like. You can keep these listings up as long as you want with no risk to your wallet. Scouter collects a 15% transaction fee for each booking and that's it!

3. Set your own pricing

You set your own pricing and decide what to charge based on what's worth it to you. Need to have someone home to unlock the door? Need to have an employee on staff to supervise? You can factor this all into your minimum pricing per hour.

4. Accept or reject any project

Creatives will reach out to you via the website which will automatically send you an email and a text (if you sign up for SMS!). You'll be able to discuss shoot details and then you can either accept or reject any project that comes your way.

5. Receive guaranteed payments on time

Once a booking has been accepted, Scouter will hold the full payment. Scouter will then deposit the funds straight into your bank account via Stripe once the booking has been completed.

How To List

Step One

Head over to our homepage at

Step Two

Click "Sign Up" on the homepage to create your account.

Step Three

Once your account has been created, click "List your location" on the homepage.

Step Four

Follow the steps to write your listing title, description, set your pricing, and upload 10+ high quality photos.

Step Five

Submit your listing for approval. Allow up to 5 business days for your listing to be reviewed.

Trust & Safety

Protected Payments

All payments are protected and payouts are guaranteed after successful bookings.

Two-Way Reviews

Both property owners and creatives review each other after each booking to encourage transparency.

Fraud Protection

All conversations and transactions are held through Scouter so we can support users during any disputes.

Identity Verification

We may require certain users to prove their identity or certify their right to a given space to continue using our site.

Supervision Encouraged

We encourage our hosts to monitor all activity at their location whether through video recording or physical supervision.

We are here for you, every step of the way

We have a team of experts in the photo and film industry who are happy to answer any questions you may have about listing your property or business on Scouter. Don't know what price to set? Not sure what a day on set might look like? Need some advice for your listing description? Don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime at