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Old Growth and Country Living Farm

Old Growth and Country Living Farm

Seated on a 60 acre farm are old growth Douglas Fir trees from 400-800 yrs old with a concrete pond and fountain right in the back yard of the main house. The big barn was built in 1887, there is a milk house from former dairy business, some ruins from original farm house that burned about 70 yrs ago, and lots of lawn. Depending on what time of year it is the vegetable garden and flowers are in various stages of beauty. A couple of old horses and two big farm dogs are all the animals currently on this retired farm. The main house is furnished with a lot of vintage​/​antique furniture to include the 70+ yr old refrigerator and electric range, a kitchen queen and ice box. A large amount of windows provide a lot of light and there is shuffleboard built into the rec room floor. There is a second house built in 1927 that sits secluded in maple trees. It has a matching but modern attached garage and a trail that goes off into the woods to timberlands. This exterior of the second house would be the only part offered, nothing inside. Overall this farm is a beautiful piece of property with great views inside and out of the unique house containing many antiques and plenty of charm.


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